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Time Flies-Its Day 5!!!!!!!!!


Going to bed soon..Its one hour past midnight.Despite a few bad moments yesterday....It got better as the day went on.I head into Day 5 with optimism and no doubt will report back within 24 hours.Not a puff since I quit on Friday.No temptation to buy cigs but the quit feels great MOST OF THE TIME....and the rest of the time I grin and bear it.I went to the park yesterday where I've always smoked and felt ENERGISED as a non smoker.My flat,clothes and hair dont smell of smoke and That feels good.Also by the end of today I will have saved at least £20(approx)......I like being a non smoker again but its during STRESSFUL /ANXIOUS times the QUIT will be tested to the max.Thats when I wanted to light up before.Its not just about Nicotine Withdrawal.However I still dont believe a cigarette solved anything.It's just in the mind.I dont want to damage my health any more-Thats the bottom line.Its THAT SIMPLE.What is not so simple is why I started again(by having another puff and another!!!!!)Maybe when you are feeling low/very low you just dont care????? or you forget your Original reasons for quitting in the first place.

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Love how cheerful you are about the whole thing! I think if Doctor's gave a dose of you instead of NRT quit rates would double!

Keep up the good work :D

Good luck on this quit Douglas, you're feeling so positive which is half the battle, keep it going mate :)

Its 3.00PM

3.00 PM in the afternoon and over half way through day FIVE.I just know i wont be smoking today.WHY?.....I dont feel like it.I really really dont want a cigarette(NOT AT ALL).What I do want and am having now is a glass of £2.99 (a bottle)white wine!!!!!

i'm a light drinker....dont like hard spirits much(if at all).But a glass or two of CHEAP!!!! wine certainly doesnt get me thinking of smoking.Not at all.In 9 hours day 6 will have arrived and 24 hours later I've reached a week.Time flies.Another thought goes through my mind...why did I smoke a Whole Year after quitting(on this forum) for 6 months ...why oh why-A WHOLE YEAR??????

And then all of a sudden a thought comes into my mind-MAGICALLY-give up smoking...go back to your old forum Douglas and TRY AGAIN.I like posting on this forum ,and It reinforces my quit and I hope encourages others to try quitting or stay quit.i dont post to any other Quit Smoking forums.Its not necessary or what I want.I like this forum tremendously and the replies I've received I've REALLY appreciated.I've also tried to encourage others..It's not just about ME!!!!...I'll post just after midnight to celebrate the start ofDay 6.I wish it was 6 months-not that i want to throw my life away!!!!...douglas.j

P.S I dont miss smoking at all.Its really strange Its all about A HABIT that is really bad for you.You have to feed that (Physical/Psychological)craving.20 year habits dont just fly out of the window-You have to be on your guard All The Time-It could be about Saving Your Life!!!!!..douglas.j

Way to go douglas, like others i love reading your posts.

I too am on day 5 and although i know i am still in a battle, i also know those little nicodemons are getting weaker and weaker, the noises they make quieter and quieter and as long as as i avoid their sneaky little creep up on you tricks, that i am getting stronger and stronger.

Keep listening to the Tangerine Dream my friend :)

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