No Smoking Day
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day 8 and a half


Im now in the 2 week party of the forum!!-yippee

going pretty well, still,its been testing at times, but im winning, back to the gym today and appetite is picking up, i have found my erratic sleep pattern is getting better-Thank god, i can see how people start to loose their enthusiasm at this stage, so for me its real important to keep it up and be positive


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well done baz on your day 8 1/2 :D im on day 11 and also my lack of sleep is starting to get better im starting to wake less and actually managing to go back alot sooner after i wake!!! :) not really even thinking about ciggerattes hardly now either which is good but i still do have my momments!! good luck to you and keep going!!! :D:D


Welcome to the Insane Asylum Baz :)


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