day 10 and double figures

Day 10 it is, and it doesnt seem a hard choice does it , to smoke or not to smoke- and usually decisions you make you stick with and you will agree with again and again,

wish i could stop moaning and winging , this quit is turning into one big moan , and i need to turn things around before i get totally depresed

Thought id feel better with the kids in school , but no , - grrrr


4 Replies

  • Well done on double figures, if it was moaning that got you here, keep at it! Moan your way to freedom.

  • Good for you Daizy - the moaning will subside (hopefully) :)

  • Well Done!!!

    Days can be bad with or without cigs.....but one thing for sure its better to have a bad day WITHOUT smoking.Be proud and happy you are free from smoking.Its great you have reached 10 days...well done!!

  • Hi Daisy come on you can do this! It will get better I promise.


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