No Smoking Day
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5 weeks

Hi everyone.

It's 5 weeks today since I last had a cig :)

I only really think about smoking in the morning, then when the patch starts to take effect I forget about it.

I've started to cut the patches down now, I'm going to come off them gradually. I think I've got about 10 days worth of patches left and I'm looking forward to being totally nicotine free :D

I'm 23 years old and I'll be 24 in september, for the future I want to say that I smoked until the age of 23 then stopped that's my long term aim.

Thanks, Daniel.

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Thats fantastic.

Morning has to be the one for me also, but never takes long for it to pass. Patches helped me get over the habbit of smoking, then i just had to deal with nicotine which i was dreading but didnt find it that bad.

Good luck :)


Thanks Karri :D

Cheers Hazcaz, yeah I always find the mornings the hardest, I think it's because when I was smoking I always used to have one first thing when I got up.


Well done Daniel amazing!



Thanks betty boop :)


Isn't it funny - I don't find the mornings hard but I just want one at random times - like really random times when I probably wouldn't have had one even when I smoked!!

I've done 5 weeks tomorrow and so very proud of myself. Go us :o !!!!


You are doing a great job

Hi Danny,

You are doing great, and you are doing the one thing in your life that will always make you proud when you look back, keep up the the good work and there are lots of us watching your progress and will be waiting to shake your hand and buy you a drink when you reach the Penthouse. Keep posting on the site and reading other peoples experiences, because thats what helped me to this point.



Good luck buddy, good work, keep going


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