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Not sure if i've done the right thing?

Hi all,

It's 5 weeks this week since i stopped smoking with the help of champix which is great news i'm happy with that.

The trouble is the champix was making me feel miserable, vivid dreams and feeling sick so i stopped taking them last thursday and although i still haven't smoked i'm worried now about what will happen from here.....

Last week was a bad week every day just seemed like a blah day...i have felt better after stopping the champix but i'm fighting with the thoughts of smoking again, not having any major cravings physically so i know it's all in the mind but still feels hard work (maybe harder than it needed to be if i'd have stayed on the tablets?? i don't know)

I've done the last 6 days without the tablets and really don't want to fail but i'm not sure whether to carry on without or go back on them :confused:

Part of me is thinking sod it! just go and buy some cigs it's not worth all this :(

guess i'm just having a wobble and making no sense lol


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Hi Jane,

I can totally relate to this. I stopped with Champix twice. Both times I didn't complete the course due to nasty side effects. This time I stoppped taking them on week four - and here I am now almost at three months and still going strong!

Both times I stopped using Champix I was worried about losing my quit (okay so the first time I did but that was own doing!) I was convinced that the drugs prevented me from smoking. On bad days my inner junkie would try to convince me that I was allowed to have a cigarette, that it would be okay to fail because I didn't complete the course of Champix. If I smoked it wouldn't be my fault - it would be a guiltless relapse.

In reality all the tablets really did was help get me off cigarettes - staying off them is down to me.

Don't think you'll go back to smoking if now you've stopped thaking the tablets - with that mindset you're more likely to fail. You're going to have craves and bad days whether you take the tablets or not. You've come so far already - keep going! And if you can, do it without the drugs - you've done six days without them now, you don't need them.

All of this is, or course, just my opinion - there are probably many people around who completed the course of tablets and are certain that without them they would have failed. And it is a twelve week course for a reason (not sure what the reason is but there must be one as they wouldn't prescribe pricey drugs such as Champix for any longer than is necessary).

Best of luck

Angie xxx


Thanks Angie well done on nearly 3 months thats fantastic and helps me think that i can do it too :)

Thanks Talien

i was convincing myself of all sorts! I'm so glad i posted now everything you said has made total sense, i will only fail if i allow myself too

I need to turn my mindset round now and have some faith in myself :)



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