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not smoking is now the norm

Hey Guys...

I was lying in bed this morning enjoying not having to get up because the kids are on school holidays when it occured to me that just 105 days ago I would have scrambled out of bed to have a fag... this got me to thinking, it now feels the norm to not want a fag, and to not plan my activities around smoking.

I LOVE the freedom, I love my hair that always smells of Apples, I love not running out of money for anything else other than fags, and I love not being a smoker. The cravings and the discomfort were well worth it, I just wish I had stuck to it before.... BUT, the times I have relapsed during previous quits are lessons now learnt!:D

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Hi Vicki

I remember that feeling - the sudden realisation that not smoking felt normal and good :D

It's a great feeling and one to hold on to - 105 days is something to be very, very proud of :)


..............just walking into the airport. Checking in then walking straight through to security. Having a meal and a drink, doing a bit of shopping, but staying away from the smoking section. Getting on board and sitting down. Then remembering you're scared shitless of flying, but never thought about having a fag. It was different when you smoked. :)


me too vicki!! the freedom is GREAT!!:cool:


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