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Half an Egg

Hi to all, I have just eaten half a chocolate easter egg and it was simply delicious smooth and very tasty i tried to eat it slowly but that didnt work. It was worth it because im worth it . And i am on week 7 and not too bad either better than i have been. Week 5 and 6 so far have been bad i did not give in i am so pleased that i have got this far but my biggest achievement is to go past 3months as last time i didnt make it. My motto at the moment which i say to myself when troubled or aggitated is simply. "ITS NOT THE ANSWER". I have come to learn that having a fag is not going to relax you wish i had seen that coming sooner first ever fag was at age 16 and im now 54 long time is it not. Still on the road to recovery and the right road at that. Hope your all well and keeping strong. Jacqui. Last fag 28/2/11. NRT Lozenge when needed.

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oldestnewest are VERY worth it. Do whatever it takes, whatever makes you happy to get through this. You will win :)

Gaynor x

PS Well done :) :)


Excellent Fleetwood. Now I want a chocolate egg too. I'm just a couple of days ahead of you and feeling pretty good about it too.

My last cigarette (fag means something totally different here) was 25/2/11.


Great job.. Kepe it up... I been eating a lot of chocolates too. Oh well, better than smoke. haha


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