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Anyone else struggling? I have never felt so bleak! My chest is still tight, I can't stop eating and I feel worse than ever physically. My nose has started itching and bleeding a bit and I am at the why am I bothering stage. except I don't want to go back to smoking even. I have had a few stressful events the last few days and I just don't know how to cope with these situations when normally i would go for a cig.

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Hi Angy!

I feel the same at the minute! I posted only today there about it, I am a little farther on than you but I can assure you it does get easier, everyone has bad days/weeks but it is how we learn to deal with them and begin a non-smoker.

The only thing I can tell you is that it will pass, that is what I am telling myself, the guilt if I had a cig would eat me up and make me feel worse than what I am now.

You are doing so so well and it is def worth it, health wise, financially, socially, mentally.

Jill xxxx


Thanks Jill

I have ummed and ahhed all week thinking about just taking the patch off and getting on with things, but I still haven't decided. I hope this passes soon, I feel like my whole life is on hold. Well done with your journey.



:)Me too depressed keep thinking i need a cigarette just for a kick. im treating it like a bereavment, something i have to go through its all a part of the letting go process of somat that was a huge part of my life. Im thinking of having a funeral for them or somat or maybe write them a goodbye letter. i hate being depressed tho and am sure its just part of the deal

Heres hoping we all get better soon



i have been quit for about 3 and a half month and in my opinion it is a the first month i cried alot..learned how to just deal with all my different feeling without smoking..there is no doubt that it can get really tough at times and you will try to convince yourself that it is ok to just have one but we all know what that leads to but you must press on and tell that nicodemon to go pick on someone else because your not giving will pass!! trust me...everyone heals at different times but allow yourself the process of the quit and you will be happy:):) whats that saying?... you have to go through the pain to expirence the joy!! keep your head up:cool:


Yeah, i had about a week where i was completely apathetic about everything. Couldn't get motivated for anything, i just moped, to the point where i was getting annoyed at myself for being such a misery. It actually felt like a bereavement or a break-up.

Snapped out of it fairly quickly though.


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