No Smoking Day
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smelly !!!

Into week 5 !!!! Still can't believe it!

Had a work man in the house today and as soon as he walked in I KNEW he was a smoker - I COULD SMELL HIM!!! The whole smell was horrible. I can't quite believe I am saying this as I used to love the smell. I really mean that. I never used to think smokers or myself smelled bad!

I noticed the smell too a few weeks ago when I was leaving a night club and all the people were huddled outside and I had to walk through their smoke. It was awful. Only a couple of weeks before that I would have been one of those people standing there!

My husband has been telling me for years how badly I smell ( tobacco, NOT BO !!!) I now know what he means!!! :)

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we use to smell like that!!:eek:


cmon karri we know you can do it!!:) we are all here for you..we want you to be happy and free like us!! but non the less you are always welcome and you are a very sweet person!!:)


You can do it

We all know you could do it Karri and you are a great person by helping us all out in times of stress. We will all help you .


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