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Hi all, i have been visiting for a while now. I quit on Feruary 14th of this year, and i have to say I feel miserablw!! Reasons for feeling miserable could be:

put about half a stone on

late period

always tired

skin breaking out

Why does this have to be so hard??? I have taken to walking every night, still putting weight on, constantly thinking about food, something which has never bothered me before!!! Please help me somebody I feel like I am going mad!!!:mad:

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Long post alert... sorry!

Hi Miles,

Sorry to hear you're feeling so down. I think a lot of us go through this at some point.

All of those things are perfectly justifiable reasons for feeling fed up. But if you really think about it, none of them are good reasons to cave in and smoke.

Your body is readjusting. Skin breakouts, weight gain, and possibly changes to your cycle are not great, but not really surprising. You've been feeding your body bucketloads of toxins for a very long time. You've got to expect some turbulent times as it rids itself of all the poison. It will get better! In the meantime, taking them one by one:

1) Periods - not sure why this might be happening, apart from just general metabolic changes. Might be worth seeing your GP. Could be something entirely unrelated to the quit? Otherwise, I recommend taking iron tablets and vitamins.

2) Tiredness - this is very common in the first few weeks but it does pass. Once again, take some iron/multivitamins. And drink plenty of water. The same advice applies for the skin...

3) Weight - oh yes, we're all familiar with that one!! If you find you're doing a lot of eating to compensate, people have suggested putting grapes in the freezer as a healthy option when you crave (not that i did this, I'm still shovelling chocolate down my throat on a daily basis :rolleyes:). Or sugar-free lollipops? It's a bugger, but ultimately... weight can be lost once your quit is established. You can always lose a few pounds - you can't cure lung cancer.

Please hang in there. You're doing a great thing and you've come so far. You should be ridiculously proud of yourself. Treat yourself to something fabulous from the shops. You totally deserve it.

Stay strong!



positive thinking

Hi Helen

Thank you very much for you words of encouragement and support, really does mean alot, even bought a smile to my miserable face.

I can't believe how much of an effect this quitting lark has had on me, really thought I was a strong person before all of this???? Think I would feel differently if I hadn't put the weight on??? I agree that no matter what, I hopefully will never have another cigarette, regardless of how big I get. I am now constantly watching what I am eating and exercising, surely it's got to go soon?? Thank you again x:rolleyes:


Who mentioned the word Chocolat, I have just plonked on another pound :rolleyes:.

To be honest I put on over 2 stone and thought I would always be fatter after qutting but I have to say that I did eat for england and struggled to stop cramming my face but now after hitting the year mark it seems to have slowed down and slowly but surely my weight is getting back to normal.

Skin was also an issue and I actually thought that it was worse than it ever was when I was a teenager (yes I can just remember that far back)but is so much better now than it has been for donkeys years.

Periods mmmmmmmm only one word I can think of and I dont think you want to hear it :D suppose it depends how old you are and how active???

As for being tired that will also improve and then there will be a time when you have too much energy and hardly sleep so its swings and roundabouts but eventually all will improve and you will never want to smoke again.:)


Okay let me answere these points

1) Late Periods, pregnant.:eek:

2) Tiredness, pregnant.:eek:

3) Weight, pregnant,:eek:

Your body is readjusting, pregnant:eek:

Okay it's not funny but I thought I might try and bring on another smile or even a laugh.

You are only three days away from two months smoke free and that is fabulous, absolutely brilliant. Yes it's hard anything that is worthwhile always is hard. Eat, so what if you put weight on you will probably eventually take it off again. jamangie (by the way A how are you?) my quit buddy is correct as usual things will change. I used to annoy her in private messages because I was eating chocolate and she would threaten to do many things to me, Ehem............................. I'm still waiting.

You are putting big restrictions on yourself by stopping smoking, why add more by stopping eating. Try to enjoy your quit, yes your body will go through changes mine did and I'm a guy.

Look at what you have achieved and be proud of yourself. I think I'm waffeling a bit now so I'll shut up.



Who mentioned the word Chocolat, I have just plonked on another pound :rolleyes:

Just for you Chocolat, Chocolat, Chocolat and more Chocolat.


Let's not Hi-jack this thread if you'll excuse the pun.


Hi all

I know what you mean...have put on 3 pounds and am only only on day 7!!! I wouldn't mind but I have been eating salads and no sweets!

Anyway, was kind of expecting that so I will worry about it later - just wanted to say that zinc supplements are great for spots - lots of ladies I know swear by it...


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