Today is my day!

So! todays the day i quit smoking! I woke up really dreading the fact that i was stopping today! and ill be quiet honest i did want a smoke as soon as i woke up... but i didnt, i feel ok now! and going to see how the day goes but the way i look at it is if i can go today without one i can go another day without one! and eventually i wont need them!! fingers crossed :D

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  • best of luck, are using anything or going cold turkey? The first few days really are the hardest but grit your teeth and be strong and you can get through it. Just take it one day at a time and youl soon be in day 2!

  • Good luck bbb,

    As dave says, take one day and at a time.

  • thanks guys im trying to go cold turkey! although i think some goodies may be a help :D so going to go get them as an alternative today, im really wanting one but i know if i have one ill be back at square one, if i can do today i can do 2 days im sure, just need to get the first day or 2 out of the way then i think ill be ok!!

  • good luck bbb!! stay strong and keep remembering that it gets easier with each passing day...ya gotta just bear it for a week or so and then it gets much easier..

  • I actually feel pretty good :D feel like i dont need them anymore, have felt pretty good this afternoon! just hope it carries on :) but i dont think ill be touching one again anytime soon!!!

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