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Hello everybody!, so im here because i want to start living my life without depending on cigs! ... as of monday I want to completely stop smoking, reason for me posting on here is it seems like theres alot of support here and i think it'll keep me busy.

Im 23 have smoked since i was 19, was so stupid... but life goes on, now im unemployed and well the main reasons why i need to quit is, i cant afford it.. and i know its bad for me. I think half the thing is now, is i have so much time on my hands and a fag is just "there" ? i dont know how to put it really, but i know ineed to stop, is there any tips out there?

On monday im going to try and go ahead, without any patches or gum etc i just want to stop and never look back, reently ive spoke to a few people about it and there's people out there who can just stop with no help i guess its all in the head? i mean if you really want to stop you will right? only thing is, is i think its a bit scary of the thought, i mean for me the first thing i do when i get up is have a smoke, last thing i do in a day is have a smoke, after every drink or during... i have a smoke and well i guess we all! get in a routine dont we? and well i just need to get out of it :)

thanks all, hope to hear something back soon, also good luck to those of you who are trying at this time, well done to those who have stopped and thank you to those here just for support.

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well congrats on making the decision to quit!! it is scary when you think of it. we have become accustomed to smoking and we revolve much of our days around it and it is our reward for things and it is part of our relaxation time and such but we need to see the bigger picture here!!

you are so young and you havent smoked for that long so quitting now is so great!! we are all here to support eachother!! the first couple of weeks are the hardest and then it gets much much easier!! if you hold strong and remember that this feeling is only temporary and will get better as time goes on then you can stay focused..good luck to you and remember that you are not alone and that you can do it!! you dont want to say in 20 years from now when your coughing and sick and youve done damage to yourself that you wished you would have quit when you were do it hun!! all the best...let us know how it goes!!



I'm new here too. But I will give you advice as I'm over 50hrs without any smoke.

I smoked first thing in the morning and last at night. I pretty much smoked all the time. When I was happy or sad. out with friends or in alone ( well you get the idea) I have quite smoking before. Always cold turkey. But started back with in few day or months.. This time I set my mind up to it for real. I'm sick most of the time. and I hate my kids telling me all the time. How my lungs are not pink. So far I'm doing really good.

I will support you... You are young! I wish I quited when I was 23. That would of saved me some money and time at doctors..

Good luck on Monday.


I started at 19 too, and wish to goodness I had stopped at 23. Never dreamed I'd still be choking away on the bloody things in my forties, but I was. So a big huge WELL DONE to you.

As to tips - I have two.

1) READ everything you can find on here and on the net about the quitting process and anything else to do with smoking. The better educated and prepared you are, the better you understand what you're going through, the less likely you are to cave when the going gets tough. To get you going I really recommend 'Tales from the quit'

2) Take it one day at a time. Don't think about forever, or next month, or even tomorrow. Just focus on not smoking *right now* and let the rest of the quit look after itself.

You'll be fine. You'll feel great. And you are making the best decision ever.

Happy quitting!

Helen x


wish i ad as well

Wish i'dstopped at 23 as well. back in the day i thought it was too hard was told it was hard so didnt really i just put it off. for 30 yrs.oh my god all those fags ive smoked and none of them made me feel as good as i feel today after stopping for a month.. I think its great that you can really give it a go now cos for me i know now that for the last 30 yrs iv only been half alive. you have nothing to lose and loads to gain. smoking your way through unemployment will make you depressed .dull , bored and boring..honestly. i know.... to be honest im a bit jealous i wish there had been the support around when i were a lad..

all the best Mashx:cool:


Well done on making the decision! Listen to all us "old timers" - smoking for 25 or more years, and wishing we'd one it at your age!

Only one (sort of) tip from me - at those times when you get a "want a fag" moment, really reflect on why you made the decision to quit and don't doubt the decision - it's absolutely the right one! I know that's easier said than done sometimes, but all the reading already suggested really helps!

Good luck! :)


well! thanks very much to each of you for replying, thats helped alot already! before i even start, i will take all of your tips onboard and if i get to a point where i really need a ciggy! i will just revert back to this thread and look at your great replys!

I once tried to quit when i was 21, although i only lasted the 1 day, i dont think i really wanted it like i do now you know?

A few weeks back i lived elsewhere in the UK, with my ex partner and it wasnt that great for along time, and i was contemplating for a while about coming "back home" knowing full well it'd really hurt her, but we was going nowhere and i just needed to get up and go, yet i couldnt for a while, all of a sudden one day i did it! and now my life seems so much stress free, im happy and around those who care!

So this experience with stopping smoking. Im kind of relating it to that desision, i had to do it to better myself, and well in my own opinion i think to stop smoking for me, would be easier then that situation a few weeks ago.

Its also my birthday 21st April, so it really would be great if i can keep strong and stop smoking for then! ... new changes for this year yet good ones :)

again thank you all for your replys, i will keep active in this forum!


thanks very much :) im actually looking forward to it now.. i have barely smoked today.. but the more i am smoking the more i dont want to, i think im prepared for tomorrow will let you know how it goes :D


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