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Doctors wrong! me right!

For months I have periodicly been going to the doctors and complaining that my lungs did not feel right, that I was breathing through phlem and I thought I had a chest infection. They would examine me and tell me there is nothing wrong and this due to me smoking for 52 years. For months I have felt I was not well, would want to sleep alot and some days would get up and feel slightly fevered. I have been coughing up phlem and have junk running down the back of my throat, I was given a nasel spray for this. Finally the doctors decided a few months ago to give me an inhaler which I was to take every day, I did not start taking it intill about three weeks ago. It was a powder in a capsule the inhaler would break the capsul and I would have to inhale it with the inhaler. I did not like doing this because I had stopped inhaling something I had been inhaling for 52 years and did not want to inhale something ever again.

A week ago I manage to speak to a doctor over the phone and she said to hand in a sample of what was coming off my lungs which would be sent away to be ****ised. (isn't this rediculous?)

I had a phone call from the doctor on Friday she told me there was an infection in my lungs and would I come in and pick up a presciption for antbiotics.

So the moral of this story is.....if you think you have a chest infection and the doctors keep saying it's because you used to smoke? insist thay take a sample and check it out. Don't go for months like I have not being well and just assuming it's because you used to smoke.

I let you guys know if the antbiotics do their job.


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It's called a handihaler the capsules are Spiriva 18 microgram inhalation powder capsules. Inhaling powder into my lungs was not something I wanted to do. I'm sure if I had not ever smoked they may have discovered what was wrong with me a long time ago. But unfortunately doctors just assume that it's because we have smoked and it can't be something normal that's wrong.



Hi Karri I stopped taking the inhaler as it seemed to be doing more harm than good. It's unfortunate but sometimes not just doctors but many even our selves think our illness is due to smoking.

Although I must add most of it is.

Jack x


Unfortunately this works both ways. I remember when my Mother was younger - a visit to the doctor came with an assured lecture on smoking and having cigarettes included or implicated in the diagnosis somewhere.

Thing she's older almost every ailment she has actually is smoking related. :(


Agreed as in my case a mild cronic bronchitis could be smoking related. It's just that the doctors would not accept I had a chest infection because they would not look any further than a smoking related illness. They just kept saying it was mild cronic bronchitis, it was when the sample came back they discovered I did have a chest infection which I believe I have had for months.

I do agree when you have been a smoker most illness can be due to smoking but I don't think doctors should put blinkers on and look no further.



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