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85 days!

Well, myself & the OH have reached 85 days...just over 12 weeks! I am actually amazed at ourselves. My OH found he was struggling health wise as he felt really ill for 2 months, I struggled mentally, even tho I wanted to quit, I really felt I'd lost something. Then we hit some godawful problems, dead car & then me having to be airlifted to hospital because of a suspected heart attack (bloody great when I gave up to be healthy!)...but thru all of this, not once...NOT ONCE.... have we faltered. Came close but we kept going. Proud of ourselves? You betcha! :D

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Nice one Sophie :)

Watch out in case the 'terrible threes' come visiting. I think Pol has a link in her sig giving information about that.

Fer gawds sake...keep healthy ;)


You deserve very ounce of happiness and pride.

Really well done! Both of you!


Yes, I'm waiting for the sneaky 3's! I'm definitely on my guard. :D


its times like that you see that you dont need to smoke and you can get through things w/o it! and you feel so much better and stronger and prouder of yourself and thats important!!

hope everything gets better for you and congrats on your quit time:D


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