A proper month

ITS official today is my first month of not smoking and im luvvin it . feeling all floaty and spaced out,maybe its all the oxygen, I dont know what i ever saw in carbon monoxide, monotonous mingy suicidally poxy mallulah misery moo.

Got tons of money everywhere, pockets are bulging. think i'll go buy a bucket and spade.Thing is problems seem to have disappeared,just take them in my stride.Dya think smoking makes problems and stress worse cos we confirm it with a ciggie and wear the look of stress head and wrinkly worrier? just a thought..Keep going it gets better, or maybe just different to the monotony of smoking...


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  • A proper Month - A proper Milestone - A proper Quit :cool:

    Mind and read around in our links and build up that information for future times.

  • read the links

    Thanks for good advice Cav. iv put those links into my faves

    Mashx:) ps and reading them of course.:cool:

  • Oh dear not too serious i hope.

  • Hi mash, 1 month is brilliant:cool:

    A great post to read! made me smile with yer :)

  • congrats mash!! one of the best milestones to achive!! good work:D

  • Hey Mash

    Really well done! A month is a mjor achievement. YAAAAAAAAY

  • Well done Mash :D

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