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No Smoking Day
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11 weeks today!

Hi All,

Today marks 11 smoke-free weeks for me. 11 whole weeks! :D I never thought I'd make it one week let alone 11. I know it's still early days but I really don't see myself ever going back to smoking. I feel so much better now - I can't imagine going back to being all wheezy, grey and smelly!

Anyway, I haven't been posting much recently but I've still been lurking. (In a completely normal non cyber stalkery type way!) Pleased to see that there are lots of people who quit around the same time as me that are still going strong!

Angie xxx

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Hi Angie and very well done, I have got the same feeling of never seeing myself smoking again but we do have to remind ourself that at this stage the most important thing is not to drop our guard and feel to confident because as you said its early stages

"in fact I am saying that to myself lol"

good luck


Hey Angie! Good to see you're still going strong. xxx


Well done :D


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