No Smoking Day
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Day 7!

Oh my, iv reached day 7. I cant believe it.

The days have become easier, and the cravings dont last long.

I have got a sore throat and a cough which is better than smoking a smelly, poisonous cig lol

Last night i felt a bit lost, i had no mints or wrigleys and for a few minutes i got panicky but i just kept telling myself i dont need them. Iv always had them since my quit day. OMG i may be addicted to them now hahahaha!!

Hope you all have a good day today! Mine could turn out to be very testing.

My 5 year old has been having tests at the hospital and today is results day so iv got stomach cramps because of my nerves.


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Everything crossed for your little one JJ

Don't give in to smoking it won't help anyone


Reply whole week :cool:

Well done, Jo :)

Best wishes for the results of your 5yr old's tests.


Thanks all

Oh im so happy my sons results were good news. He's had enlarged lymph nodes for 3 months. So after scans and blood tests we've found out its nothing sinister and all caused by his huge tonsils phew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:o

Back to being happy and healthy NO SMOKING lol!!!

Went for dinner with my mum and sis and kids, im also proud of my mum who's on champix and has been smoke free for 6 days now.

Hope your all well :)



Thank goodness for that. And a MAHOOSIVE well done for getting through today without smoking. You are doing amazingly well.

Big virtual high five to you!

H xxx


Fantastic news on both fronts Jo! :)

Well done on a week smoke free - here's to the next one!



Wow a week. Not bad. how are you lot getting on? High fives to you all lol!!!


Oh Jo big massive NSD forum PHEW! So pleased to hear about your son.

Even bigger well done for doing so well with your quit having that lurking in the background!

Big well done to your Mother too - tell her to get on here on get typing we need the insider info that only mothers can give on you!!!! Hee hee hee


Thanks Karri & DD,

I'd love for my mum to come on here but she's a techno-phobe (unless it involves shopping) lol!!!

I finally got her out walking the dogs with me, it was great getting all the fresh air on a beautiful day.



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