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allergy reaction to champix

been stopped smoking for 2 weeks started taking champix and quit on day 9 everything going well last week i had a small rash on my face and by friday my face was bright red itchy and hot went to doc and he told me to stop the champix i was on day 18 surely if it had been a allergy reaction it would have been alot earlier now i'm taking nicotine chewing gum and struggling really bad was wondering if anybody else has had this :(

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I dont understand doctors sometimes !

Hi maggiemae,

Shame about the rash but its better to be taken off the tablets just in case. I have had my fair share of side effects :- bloating, stomach cramps, nausea etc with Champix but not had a rash or anything like that.

Pity you had to be taken off them because you are doing really well. I hope it does'nt put you off your quit. I am really surprised the doctor has put you on a nicotine replacement after doing this lenght of time on Champex (non nicotine replacement). I dont understand it but then again I am no doctor but to me he is now got you back to putting nicotine into your body when you were actually over that part of it.

I dont feel I even need champix right now and I am on my 9th day of being smoke free, I have lowered the dose to one tablet per day and I will see how it goes if I feel that I am starting to think about cigs again I will go back to two tablets per day but hopefully I can come off them altogether by the end of the month.

I wish you well in your quit and just stay focussed, changing what you are using while quitting cant be easy but just try and not think about it.


I took Champix about 1 year ago and had to come off them as they were making me ill, maybe try NRT!!

Go to your doctors and they will sort you out with something that will help you.



hi all decided to go back on the chapmix as i personally think i was allergy to antibotics i was on at the time as well, only taking one and all fine no rash early days maybe will start the 2 again tomorrow still no smoking still feel like one at certain times non smoker for 17 days :)


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