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Day 5 update

Hi all

Just having a sneaky check in during my lunch break - well, it's certainly better than going for a fag!

I must admit, this morning hasn't been as easy as the 1st 4 days! :(

Got a bit teary at about 11am - don't know that that was about really :o

Maybe it's just that I'm lacking motivation at work anyway at the moment (hence being here!!), so the days really drag!

Mind you, I've got an interview for another job on 18th - in fact, that was one of my motivations for stopping smoking. If I get it, it's a fairly big pay drop (but my perfect job in every other way!), and if I'm not smoking, I may be able to afford to take it! Of course, it may be that I have an awful interview and they turn me down on the spot, but I'm sticking my head in the sand and trying not to think about that! ;)

Anyway, onwards and upwards. On the plus side, at least I haven't been seriously tempted to nip over the road to the tobacconists! :)

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The day got worse! Haven't succumbed, but for some reason it's just been SO much harder today.:(

I think I might just go to bed and hope for a better day tomorrow.


Oh dear, sounds like its one of those days. I must admit iv had a few cravings today which is weird coz yesterday i didnt.

Maybe after a good nights sleep you'll feel better tomorrow. And you've done great getting to day 5,, well done xxxx ((((hugs))) :)


Thanks Jo - hugs to you too xx

Here's to Day 6 (or Day 7 in your case!) :)


You survived the bad day! It's amazing how it becomes a challenge to us to learn how to deal with situations without a horrible smelling, money burning cloud of poison. Just remember that your body actually detests it, it's your mind that you have to reason with. Hope you have a great day 6!


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