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Week One Completed O M G I Cant Believe It

Hi Everyone,

My first week is complete, I have had a few down times and I have almost caved in and went to the shops to buy a packet of ciggies (twice) but so far so good and I have managed to get through it and stay focussed.

The way I get over this is to tell myself that I can go buy a packet anytime I want no one is stopping me, I am choosing not too. Also, If I were to smoke right now it would be vile because of the tablets so that kind of puts you off as well.

I have to go to the chemist today and get more Champix my first box is now finished so the doctor has given me a months supply this time. The tablets definately make me feel quite nausea at times and I cant seem to drink alcohol either, they have put a stop to that too because its just not the same. I have also got wind taking them but it is getting less as time goes on.

I am feeling a bit more energetic, I have developed a cough though and its like when you are at the end of having the cold it sounds as if its breaking up. I am also noticing that I am smelling differant things as well now. When Im outside and take a deep breath I can actually smell and feel fresh air. (thats been a long time since that happened)!

Unfortunately although I am trying to be good, I am eating sugerfree mints etc I am finding myself going to the fridge or cupboard but boredom is also a major factor in this as well so I am going to have to find other things to do which replaces the times I smoked. Which will have to add up to alot of hours

per day. lol

I cant believe I have got this far, I have been thinking of quitting for a while though and the biggest thing that was starting to annoy me was that I was so sick of my lighter, ashtray and ciggie packet being my accessories, they were never out of my hand and totally and completely ruled my life.

I have also noticed that I am calmer, which is a strange thing to say when your quitting smoking but I really am, I feel happier as well for some weird reason too. Everytime anything happened good or bad I would reach for a ciggie to calm me down but actually I am now thinking they made me more nervous and anxious because of the way I am feeling now.

Believe me if I can get to week one anyone can. Yippee, so lets keep going and we might actually be able to say we are NON SMOKERS one day !

Good luck and I hope you all have a good day.

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Im sending you a massive WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations you are doing fantastic.

Yeah i get what your saying about being calmer. I have been too but kept thinking it was the calm before the storm but whatever it feels good. Its sooo nice to hear how happy you are and it is a great inspiration to me to hear your progress.

Long may this continue and we can both be non-smokers wooooohooooo!!!!!!


What an amazingly positive and optimistic (in an excellent way) post. Congrats on your 1 week too ;)

Your observations were great but the one that stood out for me was the mention about how things smell. It really struck a chord and reminded me of when I got my sense of smell back after years of smoking. And of course Spring is a great time to be noticing all the scents of the different blossoms coming from gardens and parks.

Best wishes with week 2 :cool:


Well done on reaching week 1 Loobyloo!!! You've done so well. Keep focused and week 2 will be a doddle...;)


congrats!!!keep it going!! i agree that i also got calmer when i stopped!



Thanks Everyone,

All your comments and support really help me and it is good to read the posts each day because we all remind each other why we are all here.

I got a smoke kit from the chemist and my chart is now on the fridge with a wee sticker to say well done, I feel like I am at nursery school lol lol !

Wait for this, I was out shopping and I saw this really nice bag (I just had to have it) It cost £25 from M&S and so far I have saved approx £53.55 in one week in not buying ciggies so now the bag is so mine and I still have £28.55 left over. I am going to start saving the money that I dont spend on ciggies , that was a wee glitch on my part but felt sooooo good.

Thanks again, I will keep you all posted and good luck to you all as well !


Fantastic Loobyloo you have done so well . AWESOME X


Awesome progress Looby, well done! You totally deserve that bag.

I am without a doubt MUCH calmer now than I used to be when I smoked. The need to smoke causes so much day to day rattiness, I really never realised that before I quit. I genuinely thought fags calmed me down, but I realise now if I hadn't been craving the nicotene I wouldn't have been mardy in the first place. D'oh!!

You're doing great. Keep going!

Helen x


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