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Day 13

Not a lot to say today, it's a bit busy at work. I've been getting on great but it's weird how the thought of having a tab can just jump into your mind for no reason. I only get them now and again and i'm managing to resist them (just give myself a slap). The other night I dreamt (twice) that I had smoked a tab and when I woke up I felt guilty.:eek: Getting a bit weird this but I'll handle it. Thanks for all the support I've had from people and I hope your all doing ok.

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day 13

hey Mallas, its been exactly the same for me, im on day 10 and can spend all day feeling good for not smoking but then at night the thoughts just keep popping up, " i'll just have one, one won't be too bad compared to what i used to smoke " etc not having any major withdrawal stuff (im using patches) but just annoyed that i am having these weird arguments with myself, but what keeps me going is going in to work the next day and telling all the cynics that i still havent smoked, im pretty sure they are running a book on when i will slip up:D


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