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Well ive made it over the 1year mark.

Feels great to be in here now. And the reason that I wanted to give up in the first place.

I wanted to stop before i moved into my own house.

On the 28th of january I moved in! 2 days over the 1yr from my quit!

Seems so long ago when I decided to quit and to be honest I never thought that It would actually work out like this.

I dont have cravings anymore, I dont even really think about smoking anymore. Im still on my guard sometimes just to be safe but I cant see myself ever taking up smoking again.

For all the newbies on the first few weeks reading this, It can be done.

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Welcome to the penthouse! Missed you sneaking in the back door! Brilliant to see another come through. Well done! Fi.

Welcome to the One Year + Milestone, a great accomplishment.

Have a great second year and more importantly, congratulations on acquiring your first home .... wishing you many happy memories to come :)

All the best to you,


So well done. A huge milestone and you must be really really proud of yourself. Thanks for the encouragement.

Double congratulations to you, knew home and new life, sounds great.

Jackie xx

Congrats on your full circle around the sun plus extra degrees :cool:

First turn around the sun, well done

The second is even better.... i'm thinking the 3rd will be betterer still....

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