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My day 2

Well today is my birthday, im 28 and im on day 2 of quitting using champix.

Started smoking when i was 14 so im hoping to tip the scales to being smoke free longer than i was a smoker.

Yesterday being my 1st day was easier than today, maybe because it was a week day and i had more to do.

Today has been hard and ive been tempted many times to give in but in 3 hours time i will have been smoke free for 48 hours so im not gonna give in.

Gonna be facing the hard challenge of visiting my mum 2moro who smokes, i have been avoiding people who smoke but i cant hide forever. Hopefully i will not give in x

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Welcome to the forum i quit. Like you say in a few hours you'll be on your third day so you're doing great, keep it up for a few more days and your first week will be up, it should start to get a bit easier then. are you doing any reading from the links in peoples sigs, there is some in mine, just have a good read, might help you along. You wont get away from other people smoking but be on your guard. David


Happy birthday!

Welcome to the site. Congratulations on quitting. You can do this, stay strong!



Happy Birthday

Also well done for getting to day two, remember all the reasons you are doing this and it will help you get through it!

I am also on Champix and on my 8th day of no smoking, it is tough I'm not going to sugar coat it for you however you will get through it with wil power and the support of this forum!

Have a good read through and you will see that we've all been through it or going though it so reading other people's posts can help you know what ot expect or how to get through it :)

Congratz for quitting!

Shaz x




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