No Smoking Day
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4 weeks tomorrow

tomorrow is exactly 4 weeks with no cigs!!:D i really cant believe i made it this far...i feel so much better than when i was smoking:D of course its still hard sometimes and really do feel like i "need" one at times but overall im doing ok now...hope it continues. congrats to all my fellow quitters...we can do this together no matter how hard it gets!!! keep strong everyone!!

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and me and i feel exactly the same as everything u said also i am really enjoying my extra time i have in a day now in the early days i missed that on my own with a fag time but now i feel i have no time restraints at all i can stay for hours in somewhere and dont have to think of where and wen i will have a fag, it did take alot of getting used to to make the transistion but again its another challenge i have took on and won


Absolutely, I really like a lot of the adjustments I am making, whilst others are not so popular.

Having to cross the road because annoying person walking in front of me is smoking :mad:

Half asleep in shower, enjoying the sensation of waking up slowly, feeling eek sensation that have been in shower too long and now running late, then remembering that have not spent 15 minutes in garden smoking beforehand so not actually running late :)


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