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No Smoking Day
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feel like i need a buzz

dont know why but last couple of days i have felt like i need a buzz do something like

going real real fast in my car or go the wrong way round a roundabout or run a red light, all very illegal so best give those a miss


get blinding drunk and shout at everyone and get arrested, run up a big hill and scream my head off untill i lose my voice oh i dont know i just wanna buzz from something thats how it feels, like i have all this pent up frustration or something inside me

i could suck all the juice out of a lemon that would give me a buzz lol

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Boo i know what you mean i felt like that for a while its connected to the boredom thing .

however that seems to have passed now and i am on a natural rush/buzz dont know how long it,s going to last though .i am sending it your way positive vibes sent .

look at we have achieved over the last month thats a buzz in its own right !!!



its like a big GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR inside me fighting its way out i just wanna do something bad lol


i hear ya boo...i have felt like that...now im doing ok and calm and proud of course..tomorrow im at day 28 :) hang in there boo and no getting arrested, ok?;)


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