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Feeling a bit tired today!!!!

Hi all well on day 11 and feeling proud of myself but i just have no energy at all today.

Just been lazing around all afternoon cant be bothered to do anything.

I have been at work this morning and done a few bits around the house but seems my energy levels have dipped these past few days..

Has anyone else had the same???

I have my test at stop smoking clinic tomm and gonna have a big smile as all gonna come up clear as not touched 1 cig....

Hope you all havong a good day smoke free xxxxx

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Haven't had energy levels drop Emma but more rather 'i can't be arsed' syndrome ;)

Well done on getting through day 11, only another 3 days and that's 2 weeks......... it's amazing how quickly the time flies after your first week.

Keep up the good work.


Well done Emma,

It's a good feeling when you go see your quit advisor & can answer NO to the big question with a HUGE smile on your face :D

Keep it up, you are doing brilliantly ;)

Gaynor xx


congats on your quit time emma..its tough sometimes as we all know:eek: we all go through the ups and down!! keep strong hun...YOU ARE DOING IT!! be kind to yourself:)


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