All Work and no play at the moment

Hey all,

Just checking in with you all quickly and hope you are all staying strong and keeping to your quits??

All i seem to be doing is working at the moment as well as juggling the kids ( and husband) so am only getting a few sneak peaks on here every now and again. Like right now i have the blooming school run arrghhhhhh

But just wanted you to know that although i don't post much i am here for you all still.

Onwards and upwards .... each day you will be stronger.. speak soon

Snowie xx

2 Replies

  • Hi Snowie,

    Nice to see you again :D Glad your quit is going well still. By the sounds of it you don't get time to even think of it any more.

    Hugs, Gaynor xx

  • hi snow..keep well and quit:cool:

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