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No Smoking Day
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Sorry for another rant!!

Its after 3am and so fed up with not sleeping.Was at the gym for 2 hours and went for a long walk today,no caffiene,had herbal tea with lavender and dormesean from the health food shop which is a valerian/hops sleeping remedy which I was assured worked within half an hour!! Went to bed and read for a while around 11.30 and tried to sleep to no avail! Week 13 of not smoking on Friday and 1 week off the inhalator,and 6 weeks of insomnia!! Keep wondering if I had a few cigs if I would get a nights sleep,but I don't even want to smoke. Just want to be back to the me I used to be that slept 8 hours every night. Crystal x

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You rant away hun.

Maybe it is time to try going to see the doctor for a couple of days sleeping pill. Just to get you system to switch back to normal. It seems like you body has just got used to being awake. The idea of sleeping pills is to just kickstart the sleep system and you only take them for 2-3 days.

I have had a really bad nights sleep and gave up at 6am but that is cos I have a sore throat. Really p'd as it is my daughters birthday today and I am doimg a party for her Saturday so really don't have time to be ill.

Hope you managed to get some sleep.

Take care,



Get better soon

Thanks for reply,have been up all night,tried goung back to bed but was useless! Sorry to hear your not well,hope you feel better for your daughters birthday xx



I really do think that you need to see your Dr again and see if there is anything else that they can do. There must be other things that they can offer and help you get through this. Do you have a lot going on in daily life at the mo or a lot going through your mind too. I just wish i had an answer for you so that i could magically remove all the worries etc and allow you a decent nights sleep. I know at the beginning of my quit i had rough nights where i would wake up and find it difficult going back to sleep but now things have calmed down a bit. There has to be something out there to help, otherwise all those others who have suffered would be suffering still now too.

Oh hun, i am sending over the biggest ever virtual hugz to help you as i do really feel for you. My biggest thing that i have had since Week 1 is the chest clearing stuff which i still have now but i am not 100% that mine is not an allergy to something could even be milk related but hey ho i will see how things go and hopefully it will clear on its own.

Stay strong Hun, you can get through this. Keep on ranting and ranting and we will be here to help and support you through.

LOL your Oct Quit Buddy x


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