No Smoking Day
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I've found the cure to my cravings!!!!

Had a terrible few days feeling moody, grumpy and generally sorry for myself, wanted to speak to no-one least of all answer the door!!!

However just a few moments ago I was in the middle of one of my black moods (grumpy cause kids didn't ask how my day had been when I picked them up from school but asked for chocolate instead! - I mean they are 4 and 8 what else should I expect - sorry rambling now to get back on track...) I was in a really bad I NEED A CIGGIE mood when the door goes. Reluctantly I go to answer the door only to find a door to door salesman from N Power. Great, if there is one thing I hate more than trying to give up smoking its people telling me how much better my life would be If I switched over to them, grrrrrrrr. Anyway I told him I wasn't interested, he carried on with his pitch, I told him I really wasn't interested, he patronised me some more, I let rip and YELLED at the poor fellow, then apologised explained I was quitting smoking then slammed the door.

Phew I feel so much better now - no cravings, no bad mood and not much chance of N power calling back in the near future.

Sorry for the waffle, but as I said been grumpy for days and not been talking much, its obviously all coming out now.

Bless you all - especially anyone who has made it to the end of this message!!!!

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Great idea take our frustration out on door to door sales people.

Glad your felling better, maybe say to kids 'ask mummy how her day has been then mummy will buy you chocolate' when you finished rambling they would be asleep then they won't need the chocolate - hey presto! (only joking) ramble on - rambling is good :)


way to go helen i need an n power salesmen too sounds like the perfect solution, i hate them they are always knocking trying there little sales patter telling me the whole street has changed to them, well more fool them i say to him , asked me once if i could actually read a meter cheeky spotty, scrawny little rep because i wouldnt agree to take up his offer sent him packing quick smart

but am rather hoping they will knock again now lol


i also find yelling very helpful:p glad it helped you to get some pent up feelings out!!


I always get rid of them very quickly by telling them we rent, they don't bother then :D

Glad you feel better Helen after you shouted at him, so funny, can just imagine his face lol.



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