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Slipped into Week 3

Hey everyone,

Well, here I am, into my third week smoke free and can hardly believe it! Day 15 for me. Was on patches for first 12 days and am now CT. Keeping some backup NRT gum in my handbag for emergencies though :o. I think I've surprised myself, even though I have wanted a cig a million times over the last 16 days, I just know in my mind that I won't do it, I really want to be a non-smoker. I'm even getting used to that strange feeling in pit of stomach which is the craving, it doesn't scare me anymore. Was reading a bit of Allan Carr the other day and although I thought he was crazy to say we could even enjoy the cravings, I'm starting to get what he means.

As you can probably tell, is a good, positive day for me today .... tomorrow is another day :D

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Well done Bandy, really chuffed for you, i don't know why but after day 1 and week 1 then week 3 seems the next major milestone......... or maybe it's just me :rolleyes:


That's fantastic Bandy, well done! Isn't it great when you just 'accept' that you're going to have cravings and know that they will eventually pass.

I'm just a few days ahead of you,; last smoked 7th Jan but haven't come off the patches yet so I guess my cravings aren't as strong as they could be.

Keep up the good work and here's to another brilliant day tomorrow :)


Nice going, woop woop, keep on trucking, yay! :D


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