No Smoking Day
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was great to say "i dont smoke anymore"

hello to all my fellow quitters!! i was so happy today in work because i got a chance to say that i no longer smoked and it was such a good feeling:D earlier it was snowing so a fellow co worker asked me how it was outside. i told her that i didnt know cuz i wasnt outside since i got there in the she said well u smoke, dont you? u must have went out there on break....thats when i said to her "no i dont smoke anymore..for almost 4 weeks now" she was so proud of me. you see the co worker im speaking of is also an ex smoker..she is about 57 years old now but about 5 years ago she had lung cancer...she was lucky(if you can call it lucky) the doctors removed one of her lungs so now she only has one and gets sick often and easily! she is a dear friend and i see what she went through that time ago and still is going through because of smoking.....she got somewhat of a second chance but not everyone does!:( in 27 min i will be up to 26 days smoke free:D hope everyone is doing well!!

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Yep, it's a great feeling isn't it, i love it!!! :D

Touching story of your friend and yes she was lucky and her story should be told to current and would be smokers as a deterent.


It is excellent to say!

Glad to see you are still strong new York!:(


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