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No Smoking Day
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Just wonderin how much weight everyone has gained since stopping..

Hi everyone..

I know this is a touchy subject but was wondering ...

How much weight has everyone gained since stopping smoking..

I'll go 1st :)

Been stopped : 3 weeks

Weight gained : 10 lbs :(

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stopped 3 weeks and 2 days....havent gained anything..i exercise 4 days a week and am pretty careful about what i eat..i weigh myself once a week


Wow thats brilliant ... I thought I was being careful and exercising etc but got on the scales today and nearly fell through the floor lol..

Going to put my Pump It Up workout DVD on now ! Again ! :(

But on the plus side I am a non-smoker now :)


0.5kgs which I am relieved about. I put on 11 kgs on my quit last year and it really got me down. I was exercising but my calories input increased a lot. This time I am avoiding too much chocolate, especially creme eggs.


weight gain

On week 3 and nothing yet but I am being really careful, exercising every day apart from Sat and if I feel I need something I eat an apple or chew sugar free gum, it was one of my main worrys so I'm really hoping I don't gain anything cos it will be hard to stick with the no smoking if I do! Well done on quitting!!


one of the reasons i didnt want to quit was that i was afraid of gaining weight! over the last 5 years i have managed to lose 70lbs and keep it off so i have to work harder now that i quit smoking...smoking was always my crutch to stopping my appetite. i do allow myself a treat twice a week but i always did that when i was smoking so its kinds that same :) hope everyone is doing well :)


Since Ocotber 2009 (which was my first 'proper' attempt at quitting) I've put on about 4stone. :o


I daren't even get on the scales & look :eek: I suppose I should though other wise it my get out of control!

Whatever the weight gain, we all know it is better than still being a smoker & we can shift that when we are ready. I am sure it all settles down as we move further into our quits much like many other things :D


None unfortunately as I want to put some weight on, I think it’s because I’m using NRT though which suppresses your appetite and keeps metabolism up. I’m hoping to gain weight when I start going cold turkey though.

I’m around 6'1 height and weigh 12 stone but would like to get up to 13 or 14 stone. Have to start hitting the weights!


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