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Day 6

Hi all day 6 and cravings were really bad today but then i realised about an hour ago that my patch had fallen off lol.

New one on and they not to bad now just baked some cakes with my daughter to try and take mind of it.

I am still quite breathless at times and i am using my inhaler (yes asthmatic) should never really smoke but i wondered if anyone has had the same problems, i seem to use my inhaler quite a bit in the day just all of a sudden come over breathless just wondered if this is because my lungs are having a clear ou????

Good luck to you all xxxx

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Soory the craves are strong today but you ar doing well at getting through them :D Your almost through your first whole week ;)

I found my chest was much better almost from day 1 of quitting (I have COPD). Is your breathless worse that it was before? If you are at all worried about & would go see your GP. Hope it gets better soon for you.

Gaynor x


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