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Lung function

Goodness me. I just walked round to the corner shop and took some experimental deep breaths.

I have asthma and was thinking that it seemed much better. One of the ways you test the severity of asthma is use a little lung function meter; you take the deepest breath you can and blow into it as hard and fast as you can.

I could never use that thing without coughing. Never. And there was always a kind of rattly sound when I reached the end of the blow.

It's gone. Completely gone. I just blew out huge breaths really hard and fast and didn't cough once. No rattle. Did look a bit mad walking down the street doing this, but whatever ... :D

What a present for my one month anniversary. I know it sounds daft but it's given me a real boost.

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Thats' brilliant news :D

Good luck on your first month anniversary, that's brilliant ;)


Very happy for you, so glad ur health is much better.

Congratulations on getting to 1 month smokefree.

Take care




yeah!! so happy for you!! you are reaping the benifits of all your hard work!!:) congrats to you hels!!


I know quitting is always the right choice but now you have physical evidence that you made the right choice to quit :D


Yeah, and it's always nice to have the physical evidence to remind you of what you've achieved (specially on bad days).

Sounds great, well done!


Thanks - I'm really pleased because I do a lot of acting, and this should help a lot with my voice/projection. Last year I played Cleopatra in a college garden, very open space with nothing to contain the sound and a lot of wind and noisy trees to contend with. No mics, and a two week run. And I was puffing away backstage regardless. It nearly bloody killed me!!

I'll be able to project like Brian Blessed now :D


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