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come dine with me

i have had about 20 or 30 come dine with me episodes on my sky planner for a long time and not got round to watching them was having a bit of a crave day today so decided to watch a couple to distract me 10 episodes later and felt much better i could watch a whole half hour episode without thinking of cigarettes, result. i am way proud i can distract myself away from my thoughts now, i could no way have done this in the first about 9 days so it proves how far i have come, and with all the positive posts from the january quitters and everyone else it seems to be similar for alot of us

well done everyone proud of u all and proud of myself

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glad to hear it boo:D whenever i feel like i just cant cope anymore i go to this forum and it makes me feel better.everything has been stressing me out today but i stayed strong!! so happy u managed to get distracted and the smoking thoughts out of your mind:cool:


That is so right boo, when i was smoing could not go 30 minutes past the 'hmm need a cig' thought. The realisation that hours and hours can come between craves now at day 22 is excellent. Really looking forward to when i realise have not thought about them all day! (if that ever comes)


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