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Worried about the weekend


Have not smoked since Sunday so Day 5 for me! Not been too bad at work but dreading the weekend:( - so used to smoking then, especially if the OH annoys me!! Having my hair cut in the morning and going to spend the afternoon giving my car a good old clean inside and out to get rid of any stale smoke - I suppose I just have to fill my time. I am still associating cigs with good times, relaxing after a meal, having a chat with family and friends and sort of rewarding myself with one after a day at work! Feel like going to bed early just to stop thinking about cigs!!

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..in exactly same boat as you - unfortunately dont think there is easy answer - the best i have come up with is dont think about the whole weekend, just literally do it day/hour/minute at a time if you have to.

Also thought i used to think not smoking for 4 days was impossible but i've done that, so i CAN do the weekend - and you can too:)

Really hope it goes well for you - good luck:D

Hi Flossie, day 5 is fantastic, well done. If OH annoys you, eat chocolate. Once you have been through this weekend, next weekend will be easier. Read the links it will help you stay strong and educate you about the nicotine monster. If you start to feel weak come to the forum there is always someone about to offer help, advice or just to listen to rant/rave.

Stay strong, it is worth it and remember why you are doing this.

At the end of the weekend you will have done a whole week, now that is worth celebrating.:D

Hi Flossie you are doing great girl. Tips for the weekend:

OH annoys you, give him the death stare :eek: Usually works lol. Put lots of passion into it, will scare him & make you feel good lol.

Cleaning the car, excellent idea, keep meaning to Fabreze mine, it is a little stinky but got used to it now & ignore it ;)

The time in between? Wash or clean everything that stinks of stale fags, quite theraputic that one. Still got time on your hands? Have a lovely long bath, facial, give yourself a manicure, pedicure. Top to toe you time. You will feel SO lovely you won't want to spoil it with a yucky you know what. :D

Actually, will follow my own advice to you me thinks ;)

You will be fine, am sending you all my positive vibes.

Gaynor x

Me too, worried about the weekend. I've now completed 5 days but the last 5 days I've been travelling, so the routine was totally different. I was almost always in no smoking zones - planes airports offices hotels. But I flew back yesterday and my normal daily routine is tea cigarette breakfast cigarette - especially weekends. I used to wake up and think "great, another day of smoking ahead" - especially weekends. I don't want to clean the car, get a haircut, clean the house or have a facial. Hmmmm. Must switch on my resolve.

All firsts are difficult. Depends tho where the smokersa are- all my smoking friends are at work so weekends are easier for me,

I agree that you could have a good cleaning day and then maybe one of those treats that are not treats for smokers cos we had to worry about how to keep the nicotine intake up- meal out , cinema or theatre. What does OH like to do?- he might be less irritating if he is happy.:D

Hello :) and well done so far, that is the hardest part DONE.

You can look forwards positively now remembering that it is all in the mind, all the so called 'good memories' of smoking are an illusion, it is in fact the DRUG ADDICTION nicotine that wants you to think nice things about it. Abolish such crazy thoughts. Smoking IS bad for your health, it WILL make you feel like crap, smell etc etc i could go on all day!! The sooner you develop a healthy attitude towards having an even better life without the fags the better i promise you that much. I'm not saying it's easy.... i really struggled wwhen i went ct, i was a right moody cow and snapped at everyone for a good 2 weeks but I KNEW i was a recovering drug addict - of course it's going to be difficult! :p so strap youirself in and ride it out for your own good. It will pass and it does get easier. I can whoile heartedly say i am over it and have been a long time, so chin up and keep going, it will all be worth it. :)

Thanks for all your suggestions, great ideas. Yesterday wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, kept busy and went on the longest car journey yet without a cigarette! Not too bad going there as I was going to see my mum and was proud of the fact that I wouldn't smell of smoke - coming back was harder (even recognising places en route where I would normally light up) but just ate lots of fruit pastilles instead. My driving is now slightly faster and also a bit aggressive so will have to slow down but at least both my hands are now on the steering wheel!

Last night was hard and I suffered a bit with restless legs - so took the restless legs up to bed early, have never read so much in all my life!! Today is harder, but my bathroom is positively gleaming:) - going to febreze my winter coats and then tackle my disgusting ashtray of a car. Husband has been very nice all weekend and when I've had a wobble he's just ignored it! Can't wait to get into week 2 now. It's great getting suport on this website and thanks for your replies.

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