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Getting bad craving this afternoon

well i on day 5 and sorry to annoy everyone but they are really bad this afternoon.

I have tried a walk and cooking dinner now but i feel like i could just give up now.

I am proud of myself that i have got this far and gonna crack on but i just hoping this really bad crave starts to fade off bit later.

I am on the patches and ths inhalator and coughing my guts up which should really put me of the thought of even buying any.

Sorry for the moan off hope you all having a good day xx:mad::mad:

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sorry to hear that you are having a rough time today but you are taking the right steps to not is really hard and take time to give yourself some credit and do something for yourself..just dont smoke!! believe me when i tell you that it will pass and remember that smoking is only

hurting you in the long run and you know it otherwise you wouldnt have taken the steps to quit...keep strong and keep coming to this forum to get the support u need as we all go through this together. and remember that you are not annoying any of us..we are here for eachother as we make it through lifes ups and downs while NOT SMOKING!!


day five seems to be the worst day for a lot of people. Stay strong. Eat chocolate. It'll be better tomorrow and you'll be SO proud of yourself xxx


Emma, sorry to hear you having a bad time at the moment, but like previously said it will pass and you will be all the stronger for getting through it. Plan a treat with the money you are saving, remember why you are doing this in the first place. Read, read, read, education is the key. Eat chocolate, have a bath, drink wine (maybe that is only me!) whatever. You can do this, in fact you are doing this, day 5 so very nearly a whole week.

Sending some PMA and a huge hug. (sorry about the vino breath!)


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