No Smoking Day
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Day 20

Well I feel great today! Not a craving in sight, they seem to have gone back into hiding!

Apparently from day 21 (tomorrow YAY) things will start to look even better !

Bought some small weights ust for Aerobic use as a slow re-introduction to excercise lol ! A Bargain at just 20p LOL :D Found them in the reduced section of a local supermarket! It was like FATE lol!

Going to be saving for a treadmill as Gym mmbership is ridiculously expensive near me! :( Which is a shame! Could I afford to register for the year, I would and I would be in there 5/7days !!

Nevermind, I will get there :) lol

*fingers crossed for a lottery win*

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so happy to hear how well you are doing:) day 20 for me also!! what a great feeling..hope it lasts:D congrats!!


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