Mad world

Hay Guys had to tell you all about this one, I had go my doctor to see the No Smoking adviser which doubles as the nurse, I expected some encouragement or even a look of pity for the hell I was going though as it’s my 6th day and I really want a fag. It turns out she is a smoker so I was asking her all the questions she should have been asking. Anyway she gave me 2 weeks of patches and a inhalator with 47 refills....Mad world..


6 days, 4 hours.....And still wanna smash things up..but still no fags.:)

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  • the No Smoking adviser which doubles as the nurse

    Hope it wasn't a male No Smoking Advisor doubling as a Nurse in his nice skimpy uniform he wears at weekends :eek:

    Anyway, you should have shared the patches and inhalator refills with the Nurse to give her some encouragement to quit ;)

    When you going back to see how her quitting is doing?

  • Its a joke

    How can you possibly have a No Smoking Adviser that smokes, it make a mockery of the whole system, maybe she get a kick back from the tobacco companies and a final way of trying not to lose loyal customers.

  • :D

    I understand completely what you are saying Ralph, it's sort of like a midwife who is delivering a baby but had never had one - how can they understand if they've not been through :confused: I'm not saying midwives who haven't had kids are bad midwives I'm just saying I think people should have experience things in life for themselves before they can help others with that particular thing. I hope that makes sense?

    My beautician told me the other day that 'it surely wasn't that bad to quit smoking' she has never smoked - I nearly stuck her head in the wax pot :eek:

    I completely understand what you mean though but well done you on your quit - maybe next time you should put it to the nurse, have you ever tried quitting, I would.

    What's worse though is a stop smoking advisor who has never smoked, they just don't get it at all.

    Good luck with your quit :)

  • Possibly smokers could be great no-smoking advisors... better than never smokers at least...

    ... but not better than ex-smokers.

    Suppose it's a bit hypocritical specially when you're going through so much but a lot of times what's kept me going is my chain-smoking friends looking at me longingly and saying 'I wish I could quit, like you'... Gave me a little boost.

  • tooooo funny:D congrats on 6 days and hang in there!!

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