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One Week Completed!!

Well that's me, one week done!! Can't believe I've done a week already - this time last week I was in absolute hell and here I am one week later and feeling good. There have been times where I've wanted a cig but have pushed the thought to the back of my mind and soldiered on :)

I have been saving up my cig money and this morning I was able to use the money to book a flight to Malaga for a week's holiday in August - from now to then I'll carry on saving and I'll have enough money for accommodation and spends - money that would've literally 'gone up in smoke'!!!

Hope everyone else is coping ok - keep going, you can do it :) xx

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:D well done you and glad to hear your spending the money your saving on something personal as when you look back in the future at the memories of the holiday you can relate it to stopping smoking and the benefits of stopping :) and your sounding so really positive which is always an added bonus

yep the week def goes faster then you think

you wait till its a month though :eek:


Thanks Carol - I've tried to keep thinking positive and to think of all the good things that come from being a non smoker and that keeps me going during the low times when I really could be doing with a smoke :)


Well done, Blondie. What a great idea booking the flight with the money your saved. Your holiday will be well deserved.:)


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