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overcoming fear

Went to my wednesday night poker club first time this year sat in the room with 7 smokers , never took a puff or even fancied it did pity them a bit saw smoking for what it is .

the last 2 times i never had the bottle to go and cancelled this time i new i had overcome the fear .the only thing to fear is fear itself.

i lost my money but dont care i won the battle of fear :eek::eek::eek:


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wow nic. i couldnt have done that so at 20 days tomorrow and all i can really take is passing people that smoke not sit for hours and hang out with sure in time ill get stronger...after a while around smokers i gotta go! anyway congrats on ur time smoke free and congrats on conquering that fear and succeding :)


Well done nic, as you say now you have been to the poker club as a non smoker & all was well. I agree that often the fear is far worse than the reality.

Happy day 20 every one :D



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