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I'm Not alone!!!!

Hey all.

Thank god i have found this website, i thought i was all alone!! I quit smoking on the 2nd Jan 2011 after 15 years smoking 20 a day from the moment i woke up to the very last moment before going bed!! Alot of my friends smoke so stayed away from them for the first week to avoid temptation. Now on day 18 and today and yesterday have been my best days so far, the hardest days for me where so far between the 4th and 8th Jan then days 14 15 and 16 of stopping smoking they were just the worst. Feeling good today apart from the first half hour of waking up. I know there will be bad days again as i did enjoy a fag but after trying to stop probably over 20 times this has been my strongest attempt so very proud just really hope i dont give in now cos i could not cope doing this again!! Nice to have support on here as my girlfriend of 6 years has always been heavily against me smoking and has tried to make me stop for years, hence the 20+ times trying but the time was right for me to do it not cos she was tellling me to which has been vital. However she really has not supported me cos she beleives you can just stop whenever (we all know we cant on here though right?) strange she wanted me to stop and now i have shes not really to bothered!!!! Anyone else have that problem on here??? So any support from you guys would be great. Good luck to all with these hard days still to come. Any help or just someone to listen let me know!!!:):) Forgot to say i am quiting using the new Niquitin 4mg lozenes and they are really good, i always used patches before but they itched too much!!

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Hey Kev :)

Welcome to the forum!

I have learned from experience that no amount of people prodding you to stop will make you stop. My hubby was torturing me from we got together about smoking, you have to want to stop yourself. Being given an ultimatum is the worst.

What I found was that uber supportive hubby in the first week or so is still supportive but doesn't understand that the cravings don't just disappear becasue the physical addiction is away, there are still the emotional attachments too. I think only an ex smoker will now exactly what you are going through and that is why the support on here is amazing. See even if I wanted to ,which I don't, the thought would come to my head "I don't want to go on to the forum tomorrow and admit defeat"

You are doing so well, I am only a day ahead of you, on day 19 now :D

Well done!

Jill xxx


hello and welcome good luck with your quit you are deffo not alone .



Hi Kev,

As you can see you're defo not alone.

My wife's a bit like your girlfriend..... not in the physical sense obviously......unless your girlfriend is my wife!!!!!:eek: :D

She's never smoked in her life, can't understand that the little thing we used to put in our mouth and light was a demon of an addictive drug :mad:.

She doesn't mention anything about me now being an ex-smoker BUT i have overheard her saying to others that she's proud of me and the effort i've made........ hopefully your girlfriend is too, if not then get her to have a look at some of the links on peoples posts, once she understands how, what and why of smoking and quitting then she'll also be proud of you.


Great Support

Thanks to all that have responded already!! Its good to know i can share the ups and downs of the next few months with you all. Hopefully my Girlfriend is saying how proud she is to others that i have stopped?!?!?! Will be checking online daily to see how everyone is doing and it seems to of made it a bit easier today knowing there are others in the same boat, keep it going!:)


yes we are all in the same boat together...staying smoke free one day at a is tough but so worth it....use this forum as much as you need it. iv had a rough couple of days let me tell ya but i got thru it!! congrats to you..keep it up:D


Welcome Kev, and congratulations on doing so well. I am only a day ahead of you!


Welcome to the forum Kev.

I would have caved at least a dozen times if it hadn't been for this place, because I couldn't stand the thought of having to admit to everyone that I'd fallen off the wagon!

It's a shame your gf isn't cheering you on a bit more, but I don't think a never smoker could EVER understand how hard it is to break the psychological habit. I quit a month ago and I'm still getting days where I'm chewing chunks out of the furniture, grinding my teeth and weeping. But they do seem to be getting fewer, and the good days more frequent. And it helps to hear from people down the road a bit who tell you that it gets better and better, until you hardly think about it at all. Can't wait for that time to come!!

Good luck. Stick with it!!


Hi Kev, It is the weirdest thing anti smokers go on and on and on, but do not notice when you stop. I feel like Ive been reborn, but obviously look exactly the same. WEhen my OH comes in and sees me on this site he smiles indulgently but has no idea that I need to do it. If I dont, then I bore him to death with my smoking lifestory, better to share with people who may get something from it- I have learned loads here.

So welcome :)


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