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No Smoking Day
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Don't don't DON'T give in!!!

Don't don't DON'T give in!!! I've just done 48 hours and so far so good. This is maybe the tenth time I've given up, and each time, I've learned something. So I wrote down some thoughts/rules, and each time I get the urge, I read them again - partly to re-convince myself, but also to remind myself why I'm stopping. And reading it is a distraction from the urge! And for Champix insomniacs, it might send you to sleep. Good luck, Jeremy

1.What do you want to be: a smoker or a non-smoker? There’s only one or the other.

2.There is no such thing as just one cigarette

3.Smokers envy non-smokers

4.I stopped smoking because I do not want to smoke any more;

5.I will not start to smoke again, because I do not ever want to become a smoker again

6.“Smokers never have coughs, they just have permanent colds and headaches”

7.If you’re miserable because you want a cigarette, you’ll be even more miserable if you have one;

8.You know stopping smoking was the correct decision, so never doubt it;

9.The body doesn’t crave nicotine – only the brain;

10.Nicotine addiction is easy to overcome; much harder is 40 years of brain conditioning that tells you “smoking makes you feel good”, so start conditioning and convincing the brain that the opposite is true at every chance; BE CONVINCED

11.Every day without a cigarette makes it better

12.When you stop smoking, you are not making a sacrifice – the opposite;

13.Be convinced – isn’t it wonderful that I don’t smoke any more?

14.Don’t think negatively “I’m not allowed to smoke”. You’re not denying yourself anything good; be positive, congratulate yourself – thank god I don’t smoke - and see 4 above;

15.Why spend the rest of your like craving for a cigarette and being miserable? If you do that, you’ll be miserable if you don’t smoke, and even more miserable if you do.

16.Why spend the rest of your life craving for something that you desperately hope you will never have?

17.Never doubt the decision to quit – you know it was the right decision

18.When you see a smoker, pity them, don’t envy them;

19.You haven’t “given up something good” – you’ve saved yourself from a disease

20.Be a happy non-smoker.

21.If you’re reading this, maybe you’re suffering or being tempted. In 5 minutes you’ll be fine – even better because you resisted – and you can carry on being a happy and stronger non smoker. The alternative should be too awful to contemplate. If you start smoking again, then for the rest of your life you’ll go on suffering the distress of knowing you’re too weak to give up;;

22.Remember there was no real pleasure in smoking, just temporarily getting rid of the craving. Having to smoke was often a drag. Remember having to stand outside in the rain at the party? Or having to run out of a meeting for a quick gasp and returning later, stinking?

23.Don’t envy other smokers. They envy me.

24.You did not enjoy being a smoker. That’s why you stopped smoking. Just enjoy being a non-smoker.

25.You know that stopping smoking was the right decision.

26.Who’s the boss????????????????

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