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How I got through day 1

Last time i managed even one day without a cig was over 2 years ago so thought this might be useful for anyone thinking about quitting and scared of day 1...

Started with positive mindset - This is something you have chosen to do - remember that. Also i had failed not to smoke yesterday and that annoyed/motivated me to make it all the way through the day today

The one day/one hour/one minute at a time thing really does help, if you're having a "i want one NOW" craving. Just get through that 10 mins/30 mins etc then re-assess. Worst ways i said to myself - you can smoke tomorrow - but the craving does pass and now so pleased at doing the whole day i dont want to smoke tomorrow :D

I noticed most of my cravings were actually about future cigs (does anyone else have this?) e.g "Oh the sun's out, it'd be nice to have a cig" or "When i get home i'll check my email and have a cig". So i diffused this by thinking - why are you thinking about that - get on with whatever you're doing actually now!

THIS FORUM - just keep coming back, read random threads from day 1/3 4-7 month 1 etc etc - because it keeps in forefront of your mind that you want to quit too and you see it CAN be done.

I was worried I'd smoke in the evening - so told lots of people at work to ask me tomorrow morning. When i got home - loads of housework got done to avoid old routine of sofa and cig. Bonus!

As of 10.35pm today officially 24h smoke free - wooohoooo:p

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Congrats Lulu :)

Your post deserves to be stickied :cool:

Remember to reach out if you get to struggling, read around the forum and also in links in mine and other members sigs.


...i dont know what that means but it came with cool sunglasses so thanks!:)


Lol, it means that you wrote a really positive and informative post which is great advice for anyone starting on a quit....and because of that it deserves to be 'stuck' in place for everyone to read :D


Brilliant well done Lulu - and I'm still fine and telling myself I'm not missing anything, just winning. And yeah I know, there's a long way to go. Keep it up, Jeremy


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