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No Smoking Day
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whoah! month 4??

I think I can sneak in here already :)

Somebody said the month 3 is hard? Oh yes, I think strongest cravings YET last week. If I would have HAD a cigarette lying around I would have definitely smoked it, no doubt about it!! scary eh?

I think my gums are finally getting healthier and stopping bleeding at any occasion, this feels good. They look VERY good!

I'm still breathing fine, working out, gaining weight LOL.....

but all in all it feels very empowering to have quit, even though I DO miss it at times. I miss the solitude, the sneaking away for one, weird huh?

But here we are, month FOUR!

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Congrats NotMe :D

Thats great about your gums not bleeding anymore, also about feeling better since last week... Hope you enjoy your special day and celebrate it with lots of excersise and cake :)



did someone mention cake ;)

well done on getting to month 4 thats great to hear:D yep you still have to watch your back with that nicorette demon lurking :eek:


tsk!! how is cake going to help those beautiful gums? i think we need more fun police around here.... how about a carrot instead?

well done for avoiding smoking despite the cravings :)


Well done, Not Me. You've done brilliantly.


Hello, good evening and welcome........oh and VERY WELL DONE : )


Well done :))))


Well done on making it to Month 4. Im not far behind and just thought I would stick my head around the door to see what is ahead of me.

Glad you posted about the gums. I have had the same thing with mine. I need to read up why as I havn't seen much posted about bleeding gums but I guess its just another part of stopping.

Hope everyone has a great weekend x


congrats on month four:D


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