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When do the restless nights stop?


Im on my 7th day and last night was one hell of a time sleeping. Think I got roughly 4 hours sleep which is NOT enough. Ive got to stop the cigarettes for medical reasons so starting again definately most certainly isnt an option.

My head hurts. couldnt sleep. desire for many things haved been zapped- dont want to eat feel like dr evil. hate everyone and everything. Had I known nicotine addiction was like HEROIN I would have never started. Cold turkey is tough. close to life stopping.

BUT I dont have an actual craving for a fag its just all the above sideeffects that ive mentioned.

How long do these crap nights go on for? week 2? week 3? week 4? 2 months?

And when does it all stop arghhhh What if it never stops that what i heard was that a proper smoker can struggle all their life to give up the fags. like a life long battle

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Well not that it helps but i'm on day 17 and still not sleeping :eek: ......... but the other feelings you mention have got better albeit slowly but it's amazing how quickly the time goes, i can't believe i'm into week 3 already.

Hi CheesyCraver!

I had terrible trouble sleeping too, I too am cold turkey, day 17!

I found after the first week it started to get better but I took Kalms (natural from Holland and Barrat) and had a lavendar spray to put on my pillow, I found these things to really help.

I read somewhere the lack of sleep and bad dreams are due to the increase in oxygen in your body, it just takes a wee while to get used to it.

Keep up the good work!



Well done getting your week finished.

In my signature there is a website explaining symptoms, have a look, there is a lot of info there to help you understand what is happening to you and what you can do to help yourself stay stopped. Read as much as you can so you re-educate yourself, learn why you smoked and how not to look at them as something to miss.

Best wishes.


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