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Back again

Hi All

Four days of the weed again , stopped 2009 for 4 mths saved up enough money to get a car, a run about at £440 then started smoking again , had a bad bout of the flu a few weeks back coughing badly although still trying to smoke , passed out twice in two days with coughing too much , so decided last wed to give it another go , back up to the chemist patches and inhaler my last cig was thurs morn 2 oclock but its been a bad day today, still got through it but im down to an hr at a time never mind a day, ive heart disease and diabetes and doctors and wife getting on to me big style, im two and a half packets of tobacco to three packets a week used to get it on the black market but some of the stuff there selling is awful so buying it out of the shop £13 a packet cant afford that but you get the money from somewhere

im not that confident yet to say ive stopped i tell everyone im trying to stop this site helped me the last time so as the title goes im back again


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well done you!! I am too finding it easier to keep a log of my quit on an hourly basis and am now up to 85 hours.

whatever works for you just do it!! cos you CAN!!


Well done, you have done one of the hard bits, you have stopped. An hour at a time is just fine, it will get better as the days go on but your health won't if you continue to smoke. I too had to stop bacause of my health, I have advanced COPD, I used my illness back in the early days by reminding myself that I would only get worse if I continued and it worked for me. Try not to take on the family going on at you, we tend to stick our heads in the sand when that happens but if you know yourself that your health will suffer, do it for you.

If you managed to stop until you could afford a car then I suggest you buy brand new one, that will take you just about the right amount of time to pay and by then you will be a non-smoker ;) :D

Best wishes.



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