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just checking in at the end of day 3

at the end of day three, am up to 74 and a half hours as i type this, had a bad time yesterday (day 2) in the evening but dont seem to be getting angry or annoyed, just feel down.

I was at my girlfriends all weekend and left to come home and stopped to put fuel in car, bought 10 fags but didnt open them and just kept the thought of how nice the food was going to taste when i got home and am now currently eating riveta with baby tomatoes boursin and onion relish mmmmmm far nicer than a fag!!

cant remember from last time i tried to quit when the bad day comes back?? was it day 4 or 5 or something?? there was a chart i found on here that showed you about your cravings, anyone know what i'm on about??

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Sorry it's a bit late but you deserve a well done for not smoking those cigarettes. I don't recall seeing a chart but I hope someone might come along and help with that one. There are lots of websites with that kind of info in my signature, you could take a look there. The one about symptoms might be helpful to you.

Keep going it only gets better.



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