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Nearly end of 2nd week yippee

Honestly guys i cant believe nearly end of 2nd week already...time has flown by.

I do not have the urge to smoke anymore although i still think about it now n then but not like i did at the beginning...its not been easy though, one of the hardest things ive ever done.:mad:

How do you feel and do you still feel a strong urge to smoke?

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2 weeks - well done you!

I'm sorry to say I'm not past the urges yet. I didn't think I'd find it so hard so far down the line, as I wasn't such a heavy smoker (10 rollies in a day, max), but the cravings can still hit and still be pretty tough.

It is improving though, all the time, and I can cope with the bad moments. And the benefits far outweigh the difficulties, even now!

Congratulations again. Keep it up!



Its the end of week 2 for me as well.. And woah its been hard...but finally I feel like I'm getting there :)

Well done to everyone


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