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Day 4 But Panicking

Hi All - Day 4 for me and I'm actually feeling good and thinking positive. However I'm going out for a few beers with my hubby later and I'm freaking out in case I drop my guard and smoke! The only good thing is hub has quit as well so I suppose we can melt each other's heads and hopefully we'll get drunk enough to forget about smoking :D

Hope everybody is doing well :)

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hi and well done on getting to day 4 :D please dont panic you wilbe fine first of you dont smoke anymore and second your going out with your OH so you have support there just enjoy and before you know it you wilbe wondering why you panicked in the first place :) have a good time


Likewise, congrats on Day 4 :)

Think you've got think in terms of protecting your was possibly quite difficult to get to this stage. And if so, it would be horrible to throw it away in a moment of drink induced silliness.

Try to build in contingency plans for 'just those times'...thinks like when you feel the urge get up and go to the loo and grab a moment of clear thought, step outside not to have a smoke but to get some fresh air...away from the smokers huddling at the doorway.

With a little bit of extra effort you'll get past this and eventually look back and be really proud of yourself.

Enjoy :)



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